Friday, March 02, 2007


An action has been reported on the distant and remote planet of Amoss in the region of the Melberg system, far to the galactic east of the Aleph subsector. Whether or not the aliens are part of one of the existing hive fleets or an entirely new splinter fleet is unknown, but the planet's population of some 400,000 sent a plea for aid last week. A plea answered by the Blood Martyrs.

The tyranid infestation was caught before it could take hold, and the forces of the Adeptus Astartes easily fended of the swarms of Tyranid creatures which rushed towards the planet's main settlement. Assault cannons proved to be more than a match for the aliens' thick carapaces, while the Blood Martyrs assault troops dispelled many a myth that Tyranids could not be taken in hand-to-hand combat.

Though the Tyranid menace on Amoss has been eliminated, the Blood Martyrs did lose some valuable equipment in the defence of the colony's spaceport, proving once again that Tyranid beasts can easily penetrate even the thickest armour. Inquisition forces are now on the planet attempting to ascertain the extent and origin of this latest Tyranid incursion.

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