Monday, March 05, 2007


Just a week after the eldar were removed from the planet of Ravitane, a new pirate raiding force, apparently unrelated to the first, slipped silently into the Ravitane syste. The aliens landed on the devastated island of Selimac, looting, pillaging and slaughtering with wanton abandon. The Blood Martyrs, readying their thunderhawks to leave the planet were caught off guard - the eldar pirate ships having slipped passed Torment in orbit around the planet. Hastily the fourth company put together an improvised attack but were hampered by the dense and ruinous terrain of the city itself, and the company was forced to withdraw taking heavy losses.

The eldar held the main military base of Selimac for two more days before fleeing in the face of overwhelming odds. To protect the populace the govenor of Ravitane has demanded that the Blood Martyrs station a company on the planet permanently, a demand refused by the chapter. However, in an attempt to placate the govenor three companies of Imperial Guard, due for deployment into the Perseus Deeps are to be redirected to Ravitane. This leaves operation Caterwaul seriously undermanned and Lord General Militant Xertes is under pressure to call off the late Cardinal's ambitious plans.

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