Monday, March 05, 2007


Another major fleet action between Tau and Chaos forces has occurred in the dim and dark systems of the Aurelis Deeps, as the Tau attempt to reinforce their positions in the Aleph sector. Unable to make long warp jumps the Tau fleet once again re-entered real space in the territory of the Norsefire Empire. The Tau ships, some older, obselete classes had to spend several hours recharging their jump engines and were ambushed by a large force of chaos cruisers and a Despoiler class battleship.

The battle itself was intense, with the Tau fleet staying in close formation but unable to do much damage against the fast moving chaos ships. However after four hours of gruelling fighting the Tau had lost one merchant class and had all but one of their other ships crippled and forced to disengage. The chaos fleet was also forced to disengaged after two ships were hulked and another exploded. In the end this was a Tau victory but once again the battered remains of the Korvattra was forced to withdraw for Tau space.

This is the second time the Tau have failed to penetrate the Aurelis Deeps to reinforce commander Lightfoot. The Tau must defeat the chaos forces or face the long trek round to the galactic north.

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