Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cathasaea - Eldar and Tyranids attack

On 0505.007M42 the new Imperial garrison on Yuki faced their biggest threat as the tendrils of Hive Fleet Triton appeared on Imperial sensors. At least the listening post was working. The Tyranids landed in strength but were held by a stalwart defence by the Dark Angels in their forward base. While the Librian 4th Mechanised Regiment awaited results of the battle at the forward outposts, the Eldar acted.

In a lightning assault the like of which has become so familiar the Eldar, this time a mix of Pirates and some from a previously unknown Craftworld, assaulted the Imperial garrison on Yuki with the obvious intention of destroying the listening post and allowing the Tyranids to wipe out the defenders. It was a two pronged attack.

One group assaulted the Dark Angels from the flank while many of their number were still finishing off the remnant of the ‘Nid attack, while another attacked the main Imperial garrison and base. The first attack was successful with the Eldar scoring a telling and rare victory against the Adeptus Astartes. The Marines took heavy casualties and were forced to give ground as the fast vehicles of the Eldar outmanoeuvred their opponents. Facing a desperate situation themselves the Imperial garrison was unable to help and the Dark Angels’ base was all but annihilated.

Meanwhile the Imperial garrison itself came under a ferocious assault from Craftworld Eldar, but very quickly things began going wrong for the aliens. The Librian mechanised regiment, having heard of the Eldar weaponry and ferocious charges, sensibly stayed inside their vehicles, firing their multi-lasers and heavy bolters. Supported by heavy Leman Russ tanks and lethal Hellhound flame-tanks the Eldar attack quickly floundered in the face of so much armour. Lacking adequate anti-tank capability the aliens withdrew leaving the Imperial garrison almost unscathed.

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