Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Imperial Transmission - UFP intercept

+++Intercepted Communication+++
+++Aleph Sector+++
+++Station: TALLAX PR733+++
+++Time Index: 1215.0805.007M42+++


“I re-re-really must protest at you t-t-tone Inquisitor Le Pen. We are both-“

“Hathek you old fool, stop wasting my time.” [Subject identified: Sarko Le Pen Imperial Inquisitor. Politics: Unknown]. “My patience is fading faster than your support in the council. Now, answer me.”

[Frantic sound of papers rustling] “There have been several tangible gains to my policy over the past 3 years. [Subject Identified: Hadrian Hathek, Imperial Inquisitor. Politics: Heavily associated with current UFP cabinet] “Trade has increased by 2%, instances of violent conflict between the UFP and Imperial forces have decreased by 64% and the Premier of the UFP has personally guaranteed me that he will look over proposals for possible reintegration into the Imperium as soon as he can. He’s a bit distracted at the moment – you see it’s an election year but I really do thi-”

“By all that is Holy Hathek, just shut up. A decision-“

“Shut up?! How dare you?! I was hunting down radicals before you learnt to use a stunclub.”

“Nevertheless, Hathek, a decision has been reached within the council. The powers that be do not believe you’re in control of the Aleph situation. Now that Lord Xanthus has disappeared they don’t believe we have strong enough Inquisitorial guidance in the area. I am coming to relieve you of your post. I’m rendezvousing with the necessary Imperial forces and translating in-system in a matter of weeks. Be ready to be relieved”

“R-relieve me? Preposterous, I won’t have it, I’m providing fine guidance to Imperial forces! This is preposterous, I shall have words with the Higher council about you Le Pen. After my pudding… Treatus - WHERE’S MY PUDDING?!”

++Communication terminated from source++

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