Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Intercepted Communication

Sir, one of our listening posts around Cerberex has picked up the following. The second voice you'll hear is a Lieutenant Bladderack, I suggest a cross reference with file 'ref.Devourers of Worlds'.

The first voice is more peculiar, the communication identifies the voice as War Smith Gallowfen, however the speech pattern recognition programmes did not quite match earlier communications from that individual. I'll let you decide what it means, sir.


"Lieutenant Bladderack, the blessing of the Dark Gods are upon you."

"It is an honour to serve you in this campaign, War Smith Gallowfen."

"Yes. Yes. The Gods have sent me a sign, Bladderack, that you are to lead the assault. You must act quickly, spreading your diseases amongst the unprepared armies and citizens. I expect a hundred thousand infected by the time the accursed traitor marines arrive. If we have not made enough ground then the Blood Martyrs, or worse, the Dark Angels, may be able to regroup the armies of the Imperium."

"A million dead will be my greatest pleasure, the Fly Lord permitting. The streets shall run with filth. The air will be thick with the groans of the dying. I shall lead the assault personally, War Smith, and I shall vomit a hundred contagions upon the enemy."

"Indeed. Do not let us down. Prove yourself, and the Plague Lord Nurgle shall reward you with immeasurable blessings."

"Hail the War Smith!"


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