Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ravitane Defects to UFP

Today the Imperial govenor of Ravitane announced that following the recent defeats by he Imperial military, and the political vacuum now in evidence in the subsector, Ravitane's only future lay with the democratic UFP. Siegmund Deo, the govenor stated that this act was not heresy as the UFP venerate and worship the Emperor as the God of Mankind as any devout Imperial world. He said the UFP showed that membership of the Imperium did not mean oppression and blind faith and that the Imperial authorities themselves were at fault for not defending Ravitane citizens from Xenos threats, while wasting time fighting against fellow loyal subjects of the Emperor. The govenor avoided questions about the UFP's alliance with the Tau though called into question Imperial xenophobia.

This leaves the Imperial Worlds of Vornax, Carnaq 5 and Ciprex 3 vulnerable and cut off from their capital, Cerberex, currently under assault by Chaos and UFP forces. We can only hope they see sense and join the Union!

+++Tallaxian News Agency, Truth First!+++

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