Sunday, June 17, 2007

Chaos assault on Gulan repulsed

The Chaos assault on Gulan, Cerberex's 3rd largest city, was led by the Devourers Of Worlds traitor legion who unleashed unprecedented horrors on the defenders, led by the Librian 5th mechanised company. Before and during the battle the defenders, as well as a significant proportion of the civilian population suddenly became afflicted with horrific diseases, signifying the presence of the corrupting power of the Lord Of Pestilence. The battle for the city was bloody and violent with the plague marines throwing themselves on the defences of Gulan. Finally, after countless assaults the Librians counter attacked with their armour, but the marines held on, led by their unholy lord and his retinue of foul terminators. By the end of the assault both sides had suffered horendous casualties but the city of Gulan remained in Imperial hands.

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