Sunday, June 24, 2007

Melberg Fleet Battle "Inconclusive"

The long awaited confrontation between the Tau and Imperial fleets over Melberg has ended with a material win for the Imperium but the overall result was inconclusive. The Tau fleet, pursued by the Imperial Battlegrop led by the flagship Iron Duke finally turned to give battle while a small escort group led the invasion of the planet. Though details are sketchy at this time the battle was exceptionally bloody and though the Tau fleet finally disengaged the Imperial vessels were in no shape to continue to the invasion of Melberg. The losses are as follows (note the Imperium have been able to take their hulks in tow)

Tau Losses
1 Merchant Class vessel
1 Protector Class Vessel
2 Warden Class escorts

Imperial losses
Iron Duke (Emperor Class Battleship) - hulked
Dreadnought (Overlord Class Battlecruiser) - hulked
Phoenix (Dauntless Class Light Cruiser) - hulked
3 Sword Class escorts
2 Firestorm Class escorts

Tau Ships Crippled
Vigilence - Custodian Class Battleship
1 Hero Class Cruiser
3 Protector Class Cruisers

Imperial Ships Crippled
Warspite (Dominator Class Cruiser)
Achilles (Dauntless Class Light Cruiser)

Undamaged Capital Ships
Ajax (Dauntless Class Light Cruiser)
Firedrake (Dauntless Class Light Cruiser)

Victory Points: 1311 - 1053 to Imperium

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