Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The End on Myrentas II

Lightfoot crosses the Ornz - 1205.007M42
While the Librians were retreating in the south Commander Lightfoot made an uncharacteristically dashing assault in the north, catching the Praetorians and Scyllians off guard and quickly establishing a bridgehead across the Ornz river. Realising the danger Lord General Lenord immediately order a withdrawal from the suburbs of Whiteridge and the town of Besserbia. Several thousand troops managed to escape the pocket before the Tau reached the western mountains, trapping the remaining Imperial Guardsmen and their equipment against the west bank of the river.

To cheers of triumph from the assembled Tau Lightfoot took the surrender of Colonel Estefan of the Scyllian 4th, signalling the demise of the regiment and the loss of another 3,000 troops. Soon after ceasefire was negotiated and Lord Commander Lenord agreed that troop transports only would be arriving to pick up his troops... A general ceasefire occurred at 14:15 on 1305.007M42

Tau enter Whiteridge - 1205.007M42
While Commander Lightfoot’s forces dashed across the Ornz other Tau units made their first tentative steps into Whiteridge, finding it heavily booby trapped. Soon they found more than they bargained for as units of Iron Warriors, apparently looting the area, clashed with the Tau lead elements. Caught by surprise and unable to respond the Tau were severly mauled and retreated behind their defensive lines. Meanwhile the Iron Warrior looting continued until a series of detonations rocked the city. A final blast caused an earthquake of magnitude 6.5. This shaking of the ground destablisised the high mountains above the city and much of it was destroyed in an avalanche of rock and dust, ending the chaos occupation once and for all.

Dark Angels’ Revenge - 1205.007M42
While the Imperial Guard retreated and the Coalition troops celebrated victory, a Dark Angels strike cruiser shot past the Imperial fleet and dropped a company north of Gethsemane. In a treacherous act not sanctioned by the Imperial Guard the Dark Angels tore a swathe through the Tau under Lightfoot's command and killed the commander himself before retreating back to their space vessel.

The UFP ordered an immediate attack and the Tau troops also assaulted Gethsemane spaceport, leading to mass loss of life in the retreating Guard armies. Gethsemane spaceport fell at 08:00 1405.007M42. The planet was now in the hands of the UFP and Tau. The news of the Dark Angels attack caused uproar on Tallax and Hartak where support for moderates has sharply declined and a mood of war settled over the populace.

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