Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Parataea - Tau Landing encounters hostile Eldar

Commander Whitefire’s Tau battle group faced an uncontested landing on the uninhabited forest planet of Cathasaea and in the weeks that followed the landing the earth caste were successful in setting up a large Tau base, extending the perimeter of their control to fifty kilometres in a few weeks. Much of the forest was cut down and plans began to build a colony on the planet in the same mould as the burgeoning Lucardium colony.

In 05.007M42, as colonists began to arrive on the planet, the Eldarattacked. At first no-one could understand their motives but there werethose in the UFP who had a fair idea. The Eldar had never attacked the Tau in this sector until now, and the attack did not appear to have a specific objective. Although the attack was beaten off by the Tau commander Whitefire, Tau high command responded by reinforcing the colony. Perhaps what the Eldar intended after all?

Either that or the Eldar were trying to prevent the Tau from expanding their Empire. If that were thes case they were unsuccessful as their attack failed and they took heavy casualties. Since then they have not been back and no-one in the Tau high command is sure whether they will return. To them the Eldar are a capricious and unpredictable race who’s motives are often part of an unimaginably complex purpose.

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