Sunday, August 05, 2007

Children Of Steel close the South River Gap

The Chaos forces on Cerberex did not waste any time following their victory at Rideau. Under a week later the forces known as the Children Of Steel massed against the defenders near the Great South River. Not wishing to give the ground without a fight Field Marshall Model deployed AVR units in the traitor Guards’ path in order to slow their advance. The plan did not succeed.

The Children Of Steel, now experienced and less naïve did not immediately attack as they had done at Gulan, throwing away the lives of their soldiers. This time the Infantry halted while their plentiful self-propelled artillery pounded the mechanised infantry regiments of the AVR, holding their rough riders back for a ferocious counter assault should the armoured units attack.

Pounded by Bailisk fire and harassed by deep striking special weapons squads the AVR and PDF units were forced to retreat before they could get stuck into the main line of Chaos infantry. After a week of murderous fighting the Children Of Steel had reached the UFP trenches and sealed the South River Gap. However their advance had been cautious and slow, allowing the faster mechanised Imperial Army to withdraw in good order. Depsite suffering more horrendous casualties at least Model could be relieved that no units had found themselves trapped in the pocket.

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