Monday, August 13, 2007

Tau Forces investigate Triton

In 08.007M42, following several raids on Lucardium and an attempted invasion of Paratea, the Tau high command, with Sunstrike's blessing, sent a small force into the Persues Deeps, tasked with investigating the Tyranid threat. The force consisted of one contingent under Shas'O Fastblade, transported into the Deeps aboard the newly refitted Kais Ka, a warship of the Protector class. Their first task was to investigate the mysterious loss of contact with the outpost on Raconis in the Denara system, a small and insignificant planet far from Imperial control. It was added as a possession of the Tau Empire as a listening post, serving as an early warning station for Parataea, Lucardium and Cernunnos. The station had not responded to communication for over a week when Shas'O Fastblade arrived in system.

The following report by the commander of the task force was intercepted by a UFP listening post on 1408.007M42

The Kais’Ka entered orbit at time index 4455.092. I immediately attempted to regain contact with the Raconis base but was unsuccessful. Long range scans registered gaseous anomalies in the planet’s atmosphere with elevated levels of methane suggesting a Tyranid infestation. However the planet’s surface still remained lsh and green. Needing to know more I launched one Manta Borne Hunter Cadre.

The Base on Raconis was found to be completely destroyed. No trace of the operators was found. At 4455.099 Shas’El O’Rymnir reported strange readings from the countryside around the base and we prepared for an attack. Soon we were beset by Tyranid warriors and their smaller gaunt organisms. Fortunately I had studied the lessons of Lucardium and Paratea and was able to use our superior firepower to good effect.

Railgun submunitions are particularly effective at eliminating the smaller Tyranid creatures, while the Railgun main shot is ideal at taking down their larger beasts.
My Fire Warriors fought well, filled with the knowledge of the value of their work. Casualties were very light, though most of Shas’ui O’nanka’s Devilfish squad had to sacrifice itself in order to prevent a breakthrough by genestealers we were unable to destroy. O’nanka is extremely pleased and satisfied at the manner of his squad’s death.

Once again a winged hive tyrant was noted, leading the smaller creatures, but this proved no match for the plasma rifles and missiles launched by our crisis suits. Only the Zoanthropes caused us much difficulty and we almost lost one of our Hammerheads.

Once the Tyranids had been wiped out we found their genetic code compatible with that of the “Triton” hive fleet described by the Imperium and implicated in the raids on Lucardium and Parataea. However there are some deviances, which leads me to believe this may be an offshoot swarm. I now intend to move deeper into the Perseus cloud to gain further insight into the Tyranid menace, for the greater good.

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