Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cunningham thwarts Longstride and approaches Corunium

Meanwhile in the South of Cerberex General Cunningham was aware of a large troop build up by the Tau, despite their attempts to disguise it. The commander of the Western army group quickly planned an attack through the town of Bridgewater, aiming to thwart the Tau offensive and widen the corridor tothe embattled city of Gwendelia.

The attack began with the Librian 4th and 101st attacking in strength, supported for the first time by the super-heavy tanks of the 8th Valitane Armoured regiment. These behemoths, three in total, added much needed punchto the Imperial attack but in the end proved less pivotal than expected.

The Baneblade unfortunately broke down before reaching the front while the unit's remaining two super heavies took the fight to the enemy. Both were successful in destroying enemy formations but the Stormsword took heavydamage and was eventually immobilised while trying to sweep the town of defenders.

It was the Librian 101st Grenadiers who turned the tide of the battle,rushing forward and engaging the Tau in close combat. This action serious ruffled the Xenos who often fled rather than fact the stormtroopers in combat.

In Bridgewater Longstride and Quicksword, fresh from the northern campaign, fought in person, side by side. Of their fate little is known to the Imperium but fragmentary evidence suggested that Longstride at least wastaken down in the ruins of the town.

On 2008.007M42 the final Tau pockets of resistance were mopped up and the Imperial forces began widening their corridor to the capital of Gwendel. Realising the time to withdraw had come the Tau pulled back rather than pointlessly holding on to strategically non-vital ground.

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