Sunday, December 09, 2007

Melberg update

Having recieved reports of the imminent Dark Angels attack commander Shadowstrike decided that he could no longer wait to starve out the defenders in Terracon. As the temperatures in the north fell and the snow began to fall the Tau commander offered terms of surrender to the remnants of Army Group North under Colonel Jeffries. They refused.

The battle developed predictably as the varied forces under Shadowstrike's command gradually fought for each street and building of the city. After taking out the remaining armoured units the Tau were quite happy to bombard each defended construct with massed fire rather than risk Tau lives. Even so the defence remained dogged until 0312.07M42 when the defenders, having heard the Dark Angels were not coming to their rescue, surrendered.

Meanwhile in the South General Cunningham continues the advance south started by the Dark Angels. However commander Longstride ordered his sub-commander Eclipse to stall the Imperial advance. Using hit and run tactics the Tau were able to slow the Imperial Guard troops down.

A large battle developed around the oil depots in south Corona, as each side threw more and more troops into the escalating engagement, neither side willing to withdraw and leave the valuable resource to the enemy. Cunningham was patient, even when Lenord urged him to "get a move on". Ultimately this paid off as the Tau were forced to withdraw having lost the majority of their skimmer tanks to Imperial fire.

One notable change to the Librian Guard was the use of Hunter-killer missiles on their Sentinels, which proved very effective, particularly against devilfish using ambush tactics. Additionally the Librians now went into combat without their Chimeras, fearing the Tau would turn them into burning coffins.

The tactical changes and Cunningham's orders did delay the Imperial advance and Army Group South only managed to advance a hundred miles before the offensive hit the Tau second line. However, Cunningham had delivered a much needed victory for the beleagured Guard forces, proving that the Space Marines were not the only troops able to beat the Tau on Melberg...

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