Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Swiftstar annihilates Grand Admiral Thok

On 0212.007M42 Grand Admiral Thok led his fleet on a raiding mission against the Tau Empire, targetting the weakly defended Manir system, hoping presumably for an easy plunder. However his fleet, once again without any escort, soon found itself in trouble as Admiral Swiftstar's ships were in the vicinity. Tracking the Chaos ships to the Manir system neither side hesitated to engage after exiting the warp, but it was Swiftstar, with his experience of the Aurelis crossing, who kept his fleet together and soon made the first telling blow.

Thok's ships were spread wide with their Grand cruiser in the middle. Seeing this the Tau closed in on two of the Grand Admiral's vessels, Fafnir and Hati, a hades and slaughter class. As soon as they were in range all three of the Protector class vessels opened fire at the same point, immediately hulking both vessels to the absolute dismay of the Chaos Admiral. The firepower was immense and delivered seconds before a wave of seeker missiles and Manta attack craft finished off the blazing Chais ships. Hati skewed out of line while Fafnir drfited dead in space. hati exploded seconds later.

Following the early loss Admiral Thok barely managed to get a broadside at the Tau ships before they started a wide arc to starboard, away from the remaining three Chaos cruisers. Without escorts to worry them the Tau vessels knew they would be safe as they extended the range. As the Chaos fleet attempted to catch up, Swiftstar calculated, correctly, that before the enemy ships got into range he would have completed his turn. Only the other slaughter class, Skoll, provided any real threat.

Again Thok made an error, sending Skoll to close with the Tau fleet. She got one full volley off, doing some minor damage before the entire Tau fleet turned on her, destroying her utterly. Fenrirsulfr was next, leaving the Jormungandr at the mercy of Admiral swiftstar. She too was badly damaged before the Tau Admiral disengaged and headed back to the Manir base. The fleet of the Chaos renegade from Mordecai had been utterly destroyed and would not threaten Tau possessions in the Perseus Deeps for some time. This action in turn allowed Commander Sunstrike to consider diverting forces to Melberg to assist there.

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