Saturday, December 29, 2007

Winter on Melberg

Both sides dug in over the Mellberg winter. The continent, lying across the planet’s northern hemisphere, cooled, bringing snow and storms to the northern countries, while the south enjoyed more tropical conditions. The weather, north of the mountainous central states, prevented strategic battles of manoeuvre, while snow in Terris kingdom brought the fighting to a complete halt.

Digging in meant different things for the Tau and Imperium. Lenord’s troops built elaborate entrenchments with the armour held to the rear. The Tau on the other hand withdrew from the front lines entirely, with sensor spines and drones alerting the alien forces to any movement on the Imperial side. For two weeks very little moved as snow and rain swept across the western half of the continent.

Apart from the odd raid on both sides the war entered a stagnant period. Neither side was strong enough to launch airborne operations, even when the inclement weather permitted. Lenord took time to redeploy his forces. Cunningham’s army, including the Librian 101st and 57th, held the line up to the river Stridius, while Alexander commanded Army Group Centre, which included the armies of Narmala and Whettis, and the remnants of the Terris Kingdom forces.

General O’Connor, nominally in charge of the Veraconia defence force, deferred to the Dark Angels who wintered on the Island. Meanwhile, General Auchinleck found himself without a command and was quietly moved to other duties. On the other side of No-man’s-land the Tau did similar.

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