Monday, March 10, 2014

HYLAS: North Eton Falls

The defeat of Admiral Pendragon's fleet in 02.014M42 and the deployment of Beattie's battegroup at Libria seriously weakened the overal position of General Van Dorn on Hylas. Da Verminator controlled space and while Waagh! Uzfang was apparently no more, the forces of Na'Porkleon were being joined by ever greater numbers of greenskins loyal to the warlord "Koghk".

On 1003.014M42 the highly mobile forces of Koghk launched an all out assault on the imperial lines defending North Eton and the north easter portion of West Coast and the Shifting Isles. The orks, largely Bad Moons, made swift progress and Van Dorn soon found his forces beseiged on Etonia, and although the bridge had been blown, Da Verminator's fleet were able to use "tellyportas" to move en masse a large force of Greenskins behinf the Imperial lines.

Cut off, the forces in north Eton dug in as best they could, but faced overwhelming numbers. Then, two days into the offensive a company of Raven Guard landed in the centre of North Eton in order to prevent the settlements fall to the seemingly endless greenskin tide. Time and time again the greenskins threw themselves against the defences of the city but were thrown back by the astartes, but always the warlord Koghk had more in reserve. Eventually his elite forces broke through the perimiter and the Raven Guard caught. At the critical moment their courage seemed to fail them, and this was their undoing. While attempting to retreat from encirclement many of the superhumans were cut down by the greenskins. What was left of their forces abandoned the defenders odf the city to their fate and returned to their strike cruiser, lurking amongst the asteroids in the fringes of the system.

North Eton had fallen, but Van Dorn still had hope. He still controlled the west of the planet, and would fight hard for every inch of imperial soil. He badly needed resupply however, as he realised his stockpiles of food and ammunition were now falling critically low. With only four major cities remaining under his control, much of Hylas was now firmly in ork hands, and without external assistance the fall of the rest of the planet would occur in fifteen months, according to the tacticae.

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