Monday, March 10, 2014

ZADOC: Gyennt falls to the alliance

The war on Zadoc had fallen into a brief lull at the beginning of 014M42 as the tau and imperial sides at least drew breath. This however led the forcs of chaos to launch further raids along its borders, with flying daemons and daemonforge constructs causing havoc along the regions closest to the chaos occupied zones. By 03.014M42 the tau had had enough, and drew up plans to defeat the chaos threat.

Commander Windgather was called on once more to lead the assault, and he immediately launched his forces on an invasion of the southern region of Mida, towards Gyennt. His forces made rapid progress, the chaos forces seemingly unprepared for such an axis of attack, but at the gates of Gyennt itself a large daemonic force, identified as that of the fickle daemonic entity Shaidar Haran, shimmered into existence.

The daemons were led by the heralds known as "Moonface", "Birdface" and "Pugface", to both their followers and their enemies alike. Their appearance certainly gave Windgather's forces pause for thought, but rather than fleeing in terror the alliance army put its faith once again in total and overwhelming firepower. Between them the eldar and tau units unleashed a storm of weapons fire into the host of daemons, and despite being the stuff of the warp itself the daemons were obliterated. Windgather's losses were slight, and Gyennt surrendered following the defeat of the daemonhost.

Five days later the armies of the alliance reached the southern ice sheet, cutting of the chaos forces to the west and seeing their swift collapse. Windgather had captured a key city and onyl two more remained before the alliance could claim mastery of the main continent of Zadoc.

Shaidar Haran's defeat saw the daemons of the Arch Cleric swiftly rise to challenge the power of the daemonic entities. Hoping to increase their influence the entities of the Arch Cleric soonbecame embroiled in a violent struggle as internal chaos rivalry spilled over onto the battlefields of Zadoc. A butal daemonic slaughter took place in the chaos regions, causing unpleasant effects to all those sensitive to the warp throughout the system. Shaidar Haran was victorious however, and the Arch Cleric was put in his place.

Meanwhile in the outer reaches of the system the Apocalypse Riders were lurking. Eager to aid the imperial forces on the planet the Riders knew open warfare was to invite annihilation, and so they continued their strategy of raiding. On 1303.014M42 the eldar defending the Zadoc trading post found themselves attacked without warning. A bloody battle ended in an imperial victory, the astartes force causing maximum damage before retreating back into the shadows of the system. At the very least the Riders had bought the forces of Wavell more time, at best they had started the long road back to recovery of the system.

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