Monday, March 10, 2014

MORDECAI: Necron invasion of Mordecai Tersius

Signs of further necron resurgence took place on Mordecai Tersius during 03.014M42. The previous year all signs of necron invasion had been removed from the chaos world, but on 0703.014M42 a major necron incursion took place, sacking a number of settlements. In response a daemonhost was summoned to deal with the interlopers and an intense and highly mobile battle soon developed.

The daemons found little difficulty in defeating the necron warriors on foot, but superior firepower and mobility, afforded to them by extensive use of Night Scythes and Doom Scythes resulted in the daemons being forced to surrender ground to the aliens. By mid 03.014M42, after several further skirmishes it was now clear the necrons had returned in force to Mordecai.

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