Friday, August 08, 2014

HYLAS: Sarina falls to Kogh

Hylas had by 07.012M42 become a forgotten conflict. The war against the greenskins had ground on for nearly two years and the front lines had been static for months. General Van Dorn, low on numbers and equipment had dug in across the planet, and the front lines had narrowed to two passable tracts of land north and south of the virtually impassable Hylas plateau.

In the south the Imperium had arranged a set of formidible defences which had not been breached in over a year, anchored on their left by the ocean and to their right by swamps, watched over by trained veteran units. In the north the ground was more open, and on these plains Warlord Kogh launched his new offensive on 0208.014M42, deep in the Hylas winter.

The orks approached the imperial defences across snowbound plains, and their advance was obvious from the plumes of white kicked up by the orkish vehicles, as well as the general noise and commotion of the greenskin advance. the Librian guardsmen were ready and waiting, and opened up with a ferocious barrage of fire.

Around the settlement of Sarina the orks took terrible punishment as they advanced, and soon the snow was littered with ruined ork vehicles and greenskin corpses. The Librians wondered why the orks continued to rush at them, but the effect was to pen the Librians in, isolating defensive positions. The imperial forces, despite their overwhelming firepower were just unable to turn the tide of the battle. Eventually on 0608.014M42 Sarina was abandoned as Van Dorn was concerned his remaining forces would be encircled. The imperial defenders retreated, giving up precious territory to the orks, little knowing that the greenskins had committed their reserves and one last resolute push may have broken the assault altogether. The ork gamble had paid off.

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