Friday, August 08, 2014

Libria: Encounter at Mid-Belt Defence Network

In late 07.014M42 a strange four sided engagement occurred at the Mid Belt Defence Network, a vast installation consisting of six interlocking space stations. Large enough to generate its own weak gravity field, the station, simply referred to as Mid-Belt, had been the bastion of defence for the Librian system for thousands of years. Even though Libria was collapsing from within, the station was crewed by loyalists who were preparing for an alliance attack, still oblivious to the crusade forces conducting their own war on Libria I. The last thing they expected was an attack by the forces of chaos.

The distress call was picked up by loyalist, crusade and alliance forces, and the news that the Mid-Belt station had taken in just a few hours by chaotic and daemonic forces was alarming to all sides. Within hours, all sides were preparing a response, ignorant of the fact they were about to run into each other as they fought for the strategically important station. The alliance decided to use the webway, sending a force of Biel Tann eldar. The Crusade despatched a force of Raven Guard, while the Blood Angels independently prepared to retake the station themselves.

The engagement itself was confused and violent. The Raven Guard arrived first but soon found themselves beseiged by an aggressive eldar assault. Judging that a hard and fast attack would put the engagement beyond question, the Biel Tann forces launched themselves at the chaos forces and Raven Guard, effectively penning them in to defensive positions. Then the Blood Angels arrived.

The chaos forces seemed stunned at the sudden invasion by four forces, and faired the worst in the engagement. The Raven Guard didn't manage to make significant inroads into the station, as the Blood Angels, enraged by the apparent disloyalty of fellow astartes, fought ferociously to ensure they didn't make progress. The eldar secured much of the station, but as the chaos forces and Raven Guard abandoned their positions and retreated, the xenos forces realised they had taken too many casualties to hold on to their gains in the face of an unbowed Blood Angels force. Disappearing into the webway the forces of Biel Tann made good their escape, leaving the loyalists to reclaim the Mid-Belt installation in the name of the emperor.

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