Monday, August 11, 2014

Nemesis withdraws from minor campaigns

As 014M42 wore on, hive fleet Nemesis, which had by 08.014M42 devoured no fewer than six inhabited worlds in the Zadoc subsector, had apparently run out of steam. For many months the hive fleet itself had not been spotted in strength, and the Shadow in the Warp had become noticeably more fragmented and weaker. Inquisitor Huron and the local Ordo Xenos scholegium now considered the possibility that the hive fleet was beyond its peak and posed less of a threat than had been feared.

Already it had been reported that the Ork world of Memnon, formerly a tau colony, was no longer in contact with the tyranid menace. On New Cerberex, which had encountered the first vanguard elements of an infestation, engagements with the tyranids had become sporadic, then non existant from the beginning of 08.014M42. The planet was then declared "clean". Already in 013M42 the tendrils of the hive fleet had been repulsed from Bastien, and the Perseus Deeps had been cleared of the alien menace, but not Huron believed that the grip of nemesis had been loosened, perhaps permanently.

On Fort Sparcos against the orks, and on Grimlock, where nemesis had the forces of chaos besieged, the war went on, but the intensity of nemesis's attacks had lessened. This was almost too late for Grimlock, which had been ravaged nemesis, with much of the world turned barren and its atmosphere irevocably polluted. Fort Sparcos, lacking much in the way of natural life anyway, had suffered less, but the world was strewn with the ruins of fortifications, some active and some destroyed - with orks it is often hard to tell.

Inquisitor Huron did not believe the hive fleet would withdraw permanently from the sector. The hive fleet, though perhaps spent by the the long wars on Grimlock and Fort Sparcos, was still undefeated and at large, somewhere in the vast voids between worlds. Tired perhaps, and needing to rest, but until the hive fleet itself was brought to battle and annihilated, the threat from nemesis would remain very real.

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