Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Libria III: North-West Cartasia taken by Alliance

Having failed to decisively finish off the Crusade by 2003.015M42, the alliance prepared for their next assault against Vorushko's forces. However before they did this, they knew that they had to deal with a troublesome force on their right flank of the Cartasian Front.

This force was made up of the remaining loyalist forces under the command of General Launceston. With no hope of immediate evacuation by sea or air, the imperial forces, mostly Lycaon guard, were in any case well equipped and were prepared for any attack which was thrown against them. More worryingly the alliance had determined that should they continue their assauly against the Crusade, the loyalists had the capability of intervening with the possible loss of Alliance held cities.

The Iron Warriors were thrown into the attack once again, utilising their heavily armoured elements to smash the loyalist defences. Despite being well equipped and dug in, the Lycaon guard had no answer to the ten thousand year old veterans of the Horus Heresy, and Apollo's legion took apart the imperial defenders, taking Ballong Bay and scattering the remaining imperial armies into the wilderness, where comparatively few made any token guerilla resistance. By the end of 03.015M42 West Cartasia had been linked up with the alliance forces in the Broken Lands, and the alliance could turn its attention once more to Vorushko's Crusade.

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