Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Libria III: Total war breaks out (0803-1203)

In early 03.015M42 the war on Libria III quickly escalated. With her effective annexation of Cartasia, Vorushko had signaled her intent clearly, and both the loyalists and alliance forces made immediate plans to take advantage of any confusion in the region by launching immediate attacks.

The first blow on Vorushko's new empire came with an attack from West Cartasia by the Lycaon Guard & Praetorian regiments. General Launceston was keen to make early gains against the Crusade forces to bolster morale and keep Inquisitor Hathek's side in the war, and the offensive went well. The Lycaon forces pushed east, causing heavy casualties amongst the Sisters of Battle and Vannaheim guard, while the Praetorians held off a considerable Mechanicum counter attack. The result was an early success for the loyalist which came as a welcome surprise to the loyalist general.

However the loyalists did not have things all their own way. In the east of Cartasia the Crusade forces unleashed the Minotaurs on the Lunar Guard who had been besieging Lazarus on the Varus Isthmus for months. The sudden attack from behind caught the loyalist forces by surprise and chaos ensued. Few of Launceston's men were able to extract themselves from South Vale, and the success in the west was almost cancelled out by the terrible loss in the east.

On the border of Cartasia and Vedrick, the alliance clashed with the crusade at the same time. The alliance attack on Heanor, led by the Iron Warriors, was held in the foothills by the timely arrival of the Apocalypse Riders, but commander Skyfall was able to take Grisk & the Tamaron Ocano industrial complex despite the arrival of the Carcharadons on the scene.

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