Friday, March 13, 2015

Zadoc: Vorni retaken by alliance

With the events in the Libria system taking centre stage, the war on Zadoc between the alliance and the forces of chaos had become stagnant. Weakened from their catastrophic losses in the fleet battle against the imperium in the Perseus Deeps, the alliances between chaos warlords had become fractured. The Arch Cleric's activity had diminished, Lord Tragaen had retreated back to Kendrenec and Admiral Thok had disappeared into the warp with his fleet. Only Stahl's Iron Warriors, with some help from the Emperor's Children, now stood against the tau on Zadoc.

The situation with the chaos forces suited the alliance. They had embarked on the more ambitious task of adding Libria to their sphere of influence and had reserved their front line forces for that task. Second line forces were now allocated to the Zadoc "front", with large numbers of ex-imperial forces ready and willing to fight against chaos.

Although less strategically important than the Librian campaign, Warsmith Apollo fo the 5th Grand company of the Iron Warriors, now allied to the Federacy and through this the alliance, was unable to overlook the presence of his damned brothers on Zadoc entirely. In late 02.015M42 Apollo sent a small force - no more than one hundred legionaries - to Zadoc to help bolster the alliance forces.

Upon arrival the alliance Iron Warriors soon began organising the alliance forces on the world and prepared for a new attack. Vorni would be targetted as it was known to be a garrison town for a large contingent of traitor Iron Warriors. Within days the battle had been joined, and after ten millenia brother met brother once more in a repeat in miniature of the battles which shook the galaxy during the Horus Heresy. Neither side was willing to give ground, and despite their former brotherhood and ten thousand years, the hatred they bore for each other remained undimmed. It was the traitor marines, thanks to a tactical error, who were defeated, with Apollo's men triumphantly taking Vorni by 1003.015M42, although by this time the city itself had been reduced to a ruin by the firepower of the two seige minded astartes forces. The war on Zadoc had entered a new and bloody phase.

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