Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Libria V: Acronia Valley falls to crusade

Having lost the opportunity to break through into the Acronia Valley with her astartes forces, Vorushko turned to the order of the Crimson Veil and their ever growing imperial guard regiments - mostly Vannaheim but increasingly made up of Librian, Novgorod and even Volscian "defectors". Though these were nominally autonomous under Vorushko, in reality the Adeptus Sororitas made their decisions for them, and worked closely in every operation to ensure their continued faithfulness to the Emperor and the righteousness of the crusade.

Thus imbued with religious zeal and enthusiasm, the crusade guard regiments and the sisters of battle launched a frontal offensive against the defenders of the Acronia Valley on 0311.015M42. Well equipped and with their faith in the Emperor the crusade forces slowly but surely defeated the combined Space Wolf and Volscian defences. As the imperial line collapsed the Space Wolves managed to pull back to safer positions, but much of the Volscian army was destroyed or surrendered to the crusade. Finally Vorushko had wrestled back the initiative on Libria V after a hard slog.

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