Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Libria V: Loyalists hold on in Acronia Valley

The victory over the loyalists by the 12th Kalvor Expeditionary force allowed the crusade to effect a breakthrough assault on the defenders in the Acronia Valley. As usual the Apocalypse Riders were sent in to acomplish this task, and they saw immediate action as the Novgorod Guard regiments stood in their path. Past experience had taught them a lot however, and now the Novgorod were routinely backed up by Adeptus Mechanicus Knights.

The affair was bloody and protracted, and although the Apocalypse Riders inflicted massive casualties on the loyalists, the time for a breakthrough had long passed by the time Vorushlo called off the assault. Time was pressing and she couldn't waste her precious resources on frontal assaults. The Acronia Valley would have to be cracked another way.

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