Friday, November 27, 2015

Libria V: Daralon falls to crusade

On Libria V there was no official news regarding the clash between imperial fleets, but rumour was rife. Somehow a rumour that the loyalist fleet had been crushed managed to get out and morale in the loyalist ground forces slumped even further. With expert timing the Dark Angels then attacked.

reful to dissociate themselves from either the loyalists or the crusade for many months, but had come under criticism from the inquisition and other astartes for not taking a stand. Irritated by this and further irritated by the Space Wolves' refusal to staunchly defend Inquisitor Hathek's position, despite the fact that Vorushko had been within her rights to declare the Librian edict, on 1211.015M42 the Dark Angels had committed themselves to the crusade cause within the Librian system.

The Dark Angels attacked Volscian positions on 1611.015M42 around the city of Daralon which had held out against the crusade for a considerable period of time. At first it appeared the guard forces might hold on, as the astartes failed to take key strategic positions in the city. Then it became apparent why. Fueled by burning anger from the stinging criticism of others the Dark Angels vented their fury on the loyalists. The attack soon became a slaughter and by 2011.015M42 the remaining loyalist forces had been utterly routed. Those remaining in Daralon were simply disposed of and Daralon fell.

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