Friday, October 30, 2015

Libria V: The 12th Kalvor Expeditionary force

The interception of loyalist communications mentioning a great skitarii host fighting alongside alliance forces caused a great deal of alarm amongst the higher ranks of the 12th Kalvor Expeditionary force, currently aiding Inquisitor Vorushko in her crusade. The leader of the 12th, Archmagos Phos, immediately relayed the new information back to Kalvor where the well oiled cogs of bureaucracy began to turn. Fabricator Locum Nulaati authorised the immediate commencement of recon missions to locate the rumoured forces. Meanwhile word had also reached Kalvor’s Fabricator General, Mekios, who was at that time seeing to his assets on mars. After analysing the available data Mekios ordered the dispatch of more Kalvor forces to the Libria system. These forces comprised of yet more skitarii and even knights and battle-automata from the Fabricator General's own retinue.

Given the go ahead, the 12th expedition mobilised for war and set off to the outer Librian planets to begin the systematic search for the traitorous disciples of the machine god causing havoc on loyalist forces. This exercise was kept secret from the war hungry Inquisitor, who would care not for the death of the so called loyalists. The Adeptus Mechanicus would deal with it’s own.

While conducting operations the advanced sensor equipment detected incoming forces near the settlement of Daralon in the Acronia Valley. Believing they had the advantage of surprise, the Space wolves and guard allies moved into position, preparing to unleash the fearsome might of their imperial knight upon the mechanicum. The element of surprise was however, not on the side of the loyalists. The mechanicus struck first raining down firepower upon the imperial positions without warning. The Wolves of Fenris took the firepower and struck back, their guard allies not fairing as well. The Thunderwolf leader valiantly led the charge into the mechanicus lines, smashing into the Knight atrapos. The loyalist knight followed them in but Archmagos Phos tapped into his forge world's immense data banks to find every detail about the enemy knight. using this information he was able to highlight weaknesses in its shielding which the kalvadorians then pummeled with wave after wave of firepower. The shields gave way and a wave of autocannon shells smashed the knight into a lifeless hulk. The wolves attempted to strike down the mechanicus knight in a similar fashion, but their thunder hammers couldn’t seem to hit the right places, the Knights attacks also struggled to make contact with the agile thunderwolves. The combat was eventually decided by a decisive charge into the fray by the squad of battle automata nearby whose attacks knocked the wolves off their mounts and incapacitated them. While imperial firepower has taken a toll on the recon force, casualties were light and the 12th drove back the loyalists, who suffered horrendous casualties.

After the engagement Phos received communication from Mekios. The Mars high command had deemed it necessary to send additional forces to help eradicate the new threat. Kalvor's only moon would become a new base of operations for Archmagos Inquisitus Voß. This would provide a stable footing from which the Mechanicums inquisitorial branch would remove the traitors. Coming with Voß were a multitude of forces who would join the 12th expedition including multiple tech priest assassins and a feared annihilator of heretic machines, the Atrapos.The primary operation of the 12th would be changed. No longer would their purpose to be to protect the forges of Libria and to continue the inquisitors plan. The new mission was simple, and in an instant uploaded to every member of the 12th. The mission from Mars high command simply read “SEARCH AND DESTROY”.

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