Friday, October 16, 2015

New alliance offensive in southern Zadoc

After several months of inactivity on Zadoc the alliance had amassed enough forces to once again take the fight to the enemy. Their unchallenged supremacy in space ensured their forces could be built up and resupplied while the forces of chaos were limited to what they had, plus small reinforcements from roving warbands and use of the chaos device.

In mid 10.015M42 the alliance attacked in the south towards the city of Calogne. The Iron Warriors of Apollo spearheeded the assault, facing off against nurgle forces of the Arch Cleric defending the city. The battle was intense, but the weapons of the alliance proved superior to the nurgle army. Even so the devotees of chaos held on surprisingly well, using a daemon prince of nurgle as a diversion, charging the centre of the space marine lines. Eventually the Iron Warriors overcame the daemonic forces of chaos and retook the city.

Meanwhile in the cold plains to the south the Word Bearers faced the fast moving forces of the Guilded Blade kabal. These new mercenary forces, now fighting for the alliance, took to their task with enthusiasm, and despite the traitor legionaries stubborness the chaos army found their positions untenable. By the end of 1710.015M42 the alliance were once again on the offensive on Zadoc, although the alliance council appeared in no hurry to finish the campaign.

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