Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Libria V: Minotaurs retake Daralon

On Libria V the fight for the strategic settlement of Daralon, gateway to the Acronia valley, escalated in intensity. The Sisters of Battle had already held the latest imperial assault, led by the Novgorod guard. Now the Minotaurs re-entered the fray. It seemed to outsiders that the Minotaurs were far more interested in defeating the loyalist forces rather than the alliance on Libria III, and they had already achieved a reputation for ruthlessness the rest of Vorushko's forces had not.

The Minotaurs struck from orbit, delivering marines and powerful dreadnoughts straight into the loyalist lines. With no fleet to protect them and the alliance fleet busy strangling Libria IV and III, the fast and agile astartes vessels were once again able to evade their enemies and deliver a decisive strike to the heart of the loyalist cause. Had the alliance fleet detected the Minotaurs' move to Libria V, they would likely have left them to it anyway.

Within mere minutes the battle was over and the Novgorod regiments had been crushed by the Minotaurs' assault. Leaving destruction in their wake the astartes departed once more, staying long enough only to allow the Vannaheim regiments to shore up the defences. Daralon was once again firmly in crusade hands, and the Acronia Valley was theirs for the taking.

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