Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Libria III: Vicious fighting over Grisk

By early 10.015M42 the crusade had largely captured Cartasia and were closing on Grisk. With the Apocalypse Riders advancing on the city from the south the alliance were forced to deploy commander Windgather to the area, but his arrival was delayed by logistical problems. Windgather was recieving the new KX139 Ta'unar Supremacy Armour, and its first deployment was intended to be against the crusade advance.

While the tau were struggling to get to Grisk, the alliance turned to their eldar allies for help. Unable to send their own forces the eldar did "arrange" for the city to be defended, employing the Venom Drake kabal of dark eldar. to the alliance the kabal were simply another faction of Xenos, one who were not particularly pleasant and there were reports of abductions and sporadic violence to the remaining population of Grisk even before the attack on the city by Vorushko's forces. Complaints were raised with the eldar delegate to the alliance council, but the delegate remained unmoved. The goal was to defend Grisk, what did a few human lives matter?

The attack on the city came on 0310.015M42 with a sustained artillery bombardment by Vannaheim forces, followed by a mechanised attack by the Sisters of Battle fighting for Vorushko. The dark eldar performed badly, lacking cohesion or an apparent will to fight, and the defenders of Grisk were easily brushed aside, with only minimal resistance given at the Tamaron-Ocano industrial complex.

The defeat and its manner caused bitterness and irritation in the alliance council, but the tau were now ready for a counter attack. Just as the Sisters were taking Grisk, Windgather attacked into the flank of the crusade spearhead, engaging the Apocalypse Riders who were now deployed at almost chapter strength.

The engagement between Windgather and the Apocalypse Riders was the most violent to date, with the tau commander leading the fight personally, killing an astartes caprtain in single combat. Meanwhile the Chapter Master of the Apocalypse Riders faced an insurmountable task fighting an eldar wraithknight, and the head of the astartes chapter was gravely wounded after being stepped on by the giant alien construct. The deployment of the KX139 Ta'unar Supremacy Armour added to the alliance firepower, and by 0510.015M42 the crusade attack had been broken, and the shattered ruins of Grisk retaken by the alliance.

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