Sunday, October 25, 2015

Libria III: Alliance retake Santo

While the alliance were continuing to make gains in Porthaven on Libria IV, the war on Libria III was far from over. Vicious fighting over the middle territories of Cartasia had already reduced Grisk, Santo and much of the rich industrial complexes to rubble, but now the battle had become ideological as well as a war for resources and territory. Implacably opposed to one another, the alliance and crusade faced each other in a bloody stand off neither would ever back down from.

On 2510.015M42 the alliance struck, deliberately targetting the Apocalypse Riders' positions without regard for the strategic significance, apart from the obvious damage to one of Vorushko's elite fighting forces. Deep in the plains of West Cartasia the battle developed with heavy casualties on both sides. Apollo's legion devastated the crusade astartes early on, but then had to face a concerted counter attack. Iron warrior after Iron warrior fell to the onslaught, but the alliance elite force would not be shifted, and the Apocalypse Riders were eventually forced to give up, exhausted. The alliance made modest gains, but the Iron Warriors were losing men and equipment at an alarming rate. Equally the losses in the Apocalupse Riders were becoming critical.

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