Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Disciples of Y'nead raid Lucardium

While the alliance continued their unbroken string of spectacular victories on Libria IV, the tau base of Lucardium in the Perseus Deeps found itself wholly unprepared for a surprise raid by the eldar knoiwn as the Disciples of Y'nead. On 1810.015M42 the eldar appeared from a hidden webway portal and immediately destroyed several training compounds and arms stores. In response the tau advanced to meet their foe, and were shocked to find their attackers belonging to the same race as their erstwhile allies.

The engagement which followed was totally one-sided, with the eldar brushing aside the tau defenders wth ease, despite their advanced battlesuits and equipment. After the massacre the Disciples of Y'nead continued their destruction before escaping into the webway in the face of superior numbers. The raid soon got raised at the alliance council, with the tau now angry at the eldar delegate. The hooded xenos, flanked now by amred guards simply shrugged, saying he was not accountable for the actions of all eldar, and that the matter was irrelevant to the Librian campaign in any case. This angered the normally calm and pateint tau, who now raised the question of whether any information about the tau base at Lucardium had been shared with the Disciples of Y'nead, but the eldar delegate remained silent, turned and left.

Following the eldar delegate's departure a furious argument erupted in the alliance council. Some hoped to retain the eldar in the alliance, as their military aid had been extremely useful, but the general mood was ugly. The future of the alliance now lay in significant jepoardy.

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