Sunday, October 25, 2015

Minos: Apocalypse Riders continue fight back

Following the losses inflicted on warsmith Stahl's Iron Warriors on Minos by recent imperial attacks, the leader of the chaos forces was forced to fill his defence lines with less than optimal reinforcements as 10.015M42 drew on. Unable to easily resupply his position, Stahl had no option but to agree pacts with daemonic entities in order to shore up the chaos lines. Silently detesting this, the warsmith was comforted at least by his use of daemons as cannon fodder. At least he wouldn't weep over their destruction.

With the Apocalypse Riders still maintaining a full company on Minos the imperial forces saw no reason to continue their advance against their retreating enemy. However on 1910.015M42 guard formations came under attack from daemonic entities and found themselves in difficulty. The Apocalypse Riders intervened once more, delivering a lightning assault at the heart of the chaos daemonic incursion. They did not have things all their own way however, and the daemonic hordes proved rather resilient. Several days of hard fighting were required with the battle in the balance on a number of occasions. Nevertheless by 2510.015M42 the incursion had been dealt with and more of Minos returned to the emperor's light.

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