Thursday, November 10, 2016

Alliance break resistance on Libria IV

After the decisive push into the heart of Porthaven by Shadowstrike's forces, the end wasn't long in coming for the loyalists on Libria IV. The imperial forces tried their best to reorganise their defence but just days later, as 11.016M42 began, the cadres of commander Skyfall launched a devastating attack on the Porthaven power plant. Knowing this facility was pivotal to the defence of the city, the Novgorod guard defenders fought tooth and nail in order to stall the tau advance.

The highly mobile tau force eventually managed to secure the Power plant, but losses for Skyfall were significant and the Novgorod managed to withdraw in good order. However the power plant had been lost, and the alliance now held all key installations in the city. The strategy of "picking off" key locations and abandoning the broad front approach had worked well, and now the remaining loyalists were out of power, water and general supplies.

While General Zhukov continued to lead the charge on Libria I, the alliance had finally broken the back of imperial control of Libria IV. Now the imperium scrambled to put together a rescue fleet, in order to retrieve the remaining loyalists from the planet, in order to reinforce their positions elsewhere. It remained to be seen whether the alliance would attempt to intervene.

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