Thursday, November 10, 2016

Libria I: Loyalists inch forward

Ultramarines and guard assault Kent City. U-marines take ground but Angels Repentant counter attack forcing the loyalists out of the city after the U-marines disengage. Meanwhile Space wolves push back Crusade mechanicus in the north, taking Freeburg back from the Crusade.

The crusade had managed to stall the loyalist advance on Libria I by late 10.016M42, thanks to the timely intervention of the Order of the Crimson Veil and the Angels Repentant. Now General Zhukov was keen to regain the momentum in the war and retake the planet before the end of the year.

Zhukov had a large force of Imperial guard supported by the Ultramarines and Space Wolves, both of which had been instrumental in the loyalist resurgence in the Libria system. Zhukov agreed with the astartes captains on the general plan, and on 0111.016M42 the loyalists began their offensives both east and west. In the east, the Space wolves launched their attack on the recently captured cities of Freeburg, Blandon and Selmer. The Wolves didn't have enough forces to take all three in one operation, but chose the obvious target, the nearby city settlement of Freenurg. Another reason for this target was the knowledge that the crusade mechanicus forces were defending Freeburg in strength, and these were forces the astartes knew were best dealt with by themselves.

The Space Wolf plan went to plan, and the crusade mechanicus were swept aside by the astartes, with the loyalists reaching the Selmer sea by 0411.016M42. In the west however, the loyalists managed to secure a foothold in Kent City thanks to the Ultramarines, who once again found themselves fighting their brother astartes in the Angels Repentant. Unable to stay however, the Ultramarines withdrew and the imperial guard took over the recently seized positions. The Angels Repentant had no intention of giving up Kent city easily, and the crusade astartes mounted a second successful assault against loyalist positions, pushing them out of the city. The loyalists were still advancing, but the pace had slowed considerably since the heady days of 09.016M42, and wild optimism was replaced by a realisation that Libria I was far from within the loyalist grasp.

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