Thursday, November 10, 2016

Perseus Deeps: Imperial Invasion of Mordecai Tersius

Following the failed raids of the World eaters the Imperium once again looked to take the fight to the forces of Chaos. Minos, fortified by Stahl and of relatively low strategic value, would wait. There was no point in smashing the imperial armies against the Warsmith's well constructed walls and bastions. Instead the Imperium under General Veers, once again returned to the invasion of Mordecai.

Mordecai, along with Kendrenec, represented the last strongholds of independent chaos in the Perseus Deeps. Both Kendrenec and Mordecai boasted formidable defences and hosted vast space installations. However, While Kendrenc was rules by the tyranical Lord Tragean, and his forces were closely deployed around the main planet of Kendrenec itself, Mordecai was different. Mordecai's space fleet was absent, as the fleets of Shaidar Haran, Moonface and The Arch Cleric had long since abandonned the sector. Stahl's fleet patrolled near Minos. Tragean kept his at Kendrenec and Thok, well Thok was once again causing havoc in the Norsefire Empire.

This left Mordecai wide open for invasion. In addition the Lords of Mordecai were little more than petty warlords, commanding armies only over their own domain. Mordecai I and 2, the important inner planets, would take a gargantuan effort to invade, but Veers once again favoured the previous unsuccessful strategy. Take Mordecai Tersius. Establish a foothold in the system. Contest the space around Mordecai and deny the forces of chaos an easy base.

The initial invasion of Mordecai Tersius was uncontested, and the few cultist forces encountered on the march south only put up cursory resistance. The initial invasion was conducted by the Space Wolves, but the Volscian Guard were the main forces deployed to secure the planet. While the Volscians moved south from the bridgehead, Jellicoe's battlefleet remained in orbit along with a Space Wolves Strike cruiser. Nothing would get past the Imperial Navy.

Except Warsmith Stahl. He still had access to the "device", and upon learning of the Imperial invasion the Warsmith assembled an army to blunt the Imperial advance. Stahl didnt' want to fight a full scale war to defend Mordecai Tersius, but he did want to buy some time. If the invasion could be slowed, this would pin Jellicoe in place for Tragean or his own fleet to counter.

The force sent through the device portal was able to deal a powerful blow to the Volscians. Advancing over open ground the highly mechanised imperial forces soon found themselves under heavy artillery fire, before being assaulted rapidly by chaos bikes and spawn. The Iron Warriors force minimised the use of elite legionairies, and focussed on numbers and diverse firepower. This counter attack slowed the Imeprial march south, but could not stop it. Stahl was forced to withdraw before the vastly superior numbers of the imperium overrun his device position.

Satisfied with the tactical victory, Stahl withdrew. However the Space Wolves launched an immedite counter assault. Not finding Stahl's forces instead the astartes fell upon ill-equipped chaos forces. Despite summoning a host of daemons to help them, the cultists were routed and the Imperial push to the southern settlements of Mordecai Tersius continued.

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