Sunday, January 08, 2017

Crusade raid Lucardium

With the loss of Libria III, the crusade found themselves on the defensive. Vorushko had managed to secure several new Imperial Guard regiments, including the Death Korps of Krieg and Darrantine Guard. However, the crusade lacked resources. Libria V, their only solid hold in the Libria system lacked the necessary production facilites to support the war effort. In early 017M42 Vorushko authorised a risky raid on Lucardium by her Adeptus Machanicus allies, in order to secure vital resources.

The raid fell upon the garrison once led by the legendary commander Longstride. The tau, surprised by the sudden assault put up a determined fight, but the Mechanicum constructs proved effective at withstanding the withering Xenos fire. The crusade force were able to establish a bridgehead for 24 hours, long enough to secure a significant amount of raw materials, teleported into the waiting conveyer craft in orbit. The tau fleet responded, but by the time of their arrival the Adeptus Mechanicus had left, and Vorushko had struck a blow against the Alliance supply chain as well as bolstering her own position in the ongoing war.

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