Sunday, January 08, 2017

Libria I: Novgorod advance on Davey

With the Minotaurs having left Libria I to exact their revenge on the Necrons, early 01.017M42 allowed the loyalists to recover from the loss of the central cities on Libria I. Most of Zhukov's forces were concentrated on the northern front, so rather than immediately return southward Zhukov continued to apply pressure to the crusade forces in the north, launching a Novgorod offensive against the city of Davey. Defended by Death Korps regiments, the city of Davey was pounded by Novgorod artillery before the loyalist guardsment carried out a textbook imperial frontal assault against the settlement.

The Death Korps defended ably, and the ground between the two armies was soon a chewed up mass of shell holes, broken equipment and bodies, but gradually the Novgorod inched forward. Over the course of two weeks the Death Korps were ground down and forced back, although their line never broke. By 0801.017M42 all of Davey had been captured by the loyalist force, and the offensive was officially closed down. It was only a small advance, but the advance threatened to isolate Slater in the far north, and provided the loyalist forces with a much needed moral boost.

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