Sunday, January 08, 2017

Perseus Deeps: Hemera uprising & Vlokarion Raids

Towards the end of 016M42 the Persues Deeps began to once again experience significant flare ups of violence. Mid month, the Minotaurs made good on their revenge against the Necrons, appearing above Hemera on 1512.016M42 and launching a savage drop assault against the Necrons of the Charnovokh dynasty. Damage done, the Minotaurs returned to their ships and presumably back to their base of operations between Libria and the Deeps. Honour for the Necron interference on Libria I had been exacted.

On Hemera, the governor was forced to call for aid as once again a previously unknown genestealer cult overthrew the mayor of a major settlement and slew much of the loyal population. The Space Wolves responded to the call but underestimated the strength of the cult and were unable to shift the genestealers after hours of fighting. Depleted of ammunition and suffering unacceptable losses, the Space Wolves withdrew, leaving Hemera with a settlement fully in the hands of the Cult. This was a major concern, as many psychics began warning of an imminent invasion of the Deeps by Hive Fleet Nemesis. However on Tyranic timescales "imminent" could mean months, years, or decades.

The Dark Eldar raider Vlokarion was also active in the Perseus Deeps in late 12.016M42. It appeared that the Dark Eldar lord had timed his new raids to coincide with the emergent threat of the genestealers, enabling him to take advantage of weakened foes. His raids on Skera and Corticant were successful, as his dark eldar forces defeated the Charnovokh Necrons and Adeptus Mechanicus forces respectively.

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