Thursday, April 19, 2007

Aleph Sector: Subsector bulletin

Transmitted: Adept Falsherin
Date: 1904.007.M42
Security Clearance: Vermillion
Ref: GH302/N.19.04.007/A
Received: Imperial Capital, Cerberex monitoring station
Subject: Lord Commander's Eyes Only
Thought for the day: Only in Death does Duty End

> Message begins :

My lord,

As per your instructions I have compiled a short report detailing our current committments in the Aleph sector and issues of concern.

Operation Caterwaul
So far our actions in the Perseus deeps have led to the successful insertion of Imperial bases in the Cathasaea but protracted fighting continues on Myrentas II against the coalition of the Tau and UFP. Resources are running low on the planet and we estimate it will fall in three weeks with no further reinforcement.

Reports indicate Lucardium has now become a Tau base, there is serious fighting between orks, chaos forces and the Tyranid menace on Scalius, presumably from the same fleet which destroyed Lucardium. Libria is on high alert.

The system has been cleansed of Tau forces. No further action required.

Our monitoring station on Einmyrria has detected a massive buildup of Tau forces on and around Cernunnos. They appear to have no interest in our base or the chaos world of Donar, but are reinforcing thier position. A vast base has been recorded, similar to those documented elsewhere.

After much bloodshed the Eldar have been removed from the planet though sporadic raids continue. The govenor is demanding compensation.

Aurelis Deeps
Serious fleet actions reported between the chaotic Norsefire empire and Tau forces. No action required at this time.

Adeptus Astartes
Currently we can count on the support of the Blood Martyrs. The Dark Angels appear to be following their own agenda.

Inquisitors Hathek and Huron recommend electing a new Cardinal before central rule in the sector becomes untenable. Vornax and Ravitane have become increasingly rebellious and the later is threatening to default on its tithes unless it is compensated. The whereabouts of Inquisitor Xanthus is unknown. Banderossa is becoming increasingly lawless. We are concerned these three planets may be vulnerable to UFP insurgency.

Other Threats
Curious anomalies have been reported in the barren system of Hortensius system. Inquisitor Hathek has requested further information

> message ends

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