Thursday, April 26, 2007



UNKNOWN VOICE: Commander Gallowfen, we have received word that the Iron Warriors surrounding Kendrenec are planning an offensive.

GALLOWFEN: The fools! They'll bring the Imperium and Eldar crashing down on their heads. Who leads them?

UNKNOWN: The one known as 'Cowboy'.

GALLOWFEN: By the dark gods! He'll ruin all our plans.

UNKNOWN: But commander, he claims to never have been beaten on the battlefield.

GALLOWFEN: Hah! That's before he came to this sector.

UNKNOWN: What are your orders commander?

GALLOWFEN: He is not, I repeat NOT, allowed near Myrentas II.

UNKNOWN: But should the Imperium drive out the UFP and control the planet, you will need reinforcements.

GALLOWFEN: Never! The defenses are in place, the war-forges in our mountain citadel are operational, the Obsidian Blade air strike force is unbeatable. I have mobilised all the troops at my disposal. The Imperium shall never drive us out!


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