Thursday, April 26, 2007


Transmitted: Adept Falsherin
Date: 2304.007.M42
Security Clearance: Vermillion
Ref: GH302/N.19.04.007/A
Received: Imperial Capital, Cerberex monitoring station
Subject: Inquisitor Hathek Communication
Thought for the day: Serve the Emperor today, tomorrow you may be dead

> Message begins :

Intelligence indicates the chaos fleet of the Iron Warriors has been located in the Scallius system. Several thousand troops have reportedly been landed on the planet in the region of the Vernia settlement where previous activity by the Penetrators traitor legion has been recorded.
Several grand companies are reported to have landed along with their indentured slave forces. At this time we do not believe the Iron Warriors to be under the same command as those on Myrentas II.

The leader of the Iron Warriors on Scallius is as yet unknown but he commands a formidable force including three grand companies of marines, over five thousand slave troops and a fleet of at least four capital ships. Such a force would be capable of overwhelming the smaller Imperial worlds in the sector.

The Iron Warriors' landing was contested by ork forces, which were scattered by the overwhelming traitor legion firepower. The chaos forces then increased their territorial control by attacking the tyranids which infest the planet, defeating them and taking a large area of wasteland. The motive behind this attack is as yet undetermined.

The Dark Angels have reported that the new listening post in the Cathasaea system came under attack by eldar forces, apparently appearing from nowhere. The Dark Angels counter assaulted the raiding force and were successful in driving them off, but the damage done to the new installation is considerable. In addition we believe the Dark Angels suffered more
casualties and loss of equipment than they are admitting to. It is worrying that the eldar even knew of the installation's presence and even more concerning that they seem intent on thwarting our plans to clear the Perseus Deeps of threats. We wonder if they are hiding something.

May the Emperor guide you.

> Message ends

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