Thursday, April 26, 2007



A: Welcome gentlemen, do sit down. Shall we get straight on with it?

A: First item on the agenda - Myrentas II. General , a brief overview?

B: Thankyou 'A'. Operation End Game is about to get underway. The Hartak 7th Legion are fully fuelled and preparing to strike out from the Allentown Bridgehead. The Sartosans are ready to cross the Ornz.

C: And what of the Tau airdrop?

B: Unfortunately after the losses they sustained in the drop the intervention of the Blood Martyrs finished them off. Casualties on the Imperial side were light we hear, but the hunter cadre did manage to destroy a large number of marine vehicles. Reports from our agents suggest the Blood Martyrs made short work of the Tau, deep striking their terminators into the heart of their defended positions.

A: Sounds unpleasant.

C: Hardly distinguishing themselves. Have you spoken with Lightfoot?

B: Not as yet, but he is under no illusion that with the failure of his latest assault the Tau involvement in the future of Myrentas II is now minimal. Myrentas will be a UFP colony.

A: Good to hear , though surely the Tau will demand a base?

C: They can have a base, but we don't want an influx of Tau colonists. Leave them in no doubt who the masters are on Myrentas now.

B: Agreed.

A: And the plans for the final assault on the Imperium? We must keep casualtied to a minimum. Neither Hartak nor Tallax will accept a slaughter.

B: We are confident our forces can break the back of the Imperial defenses in two weeks. The system is blockaded, they cannot resupply. The 7th Legion will brush aside the defenders now the Blood Martyrs have tipped theirhand.

C: Good news . We'll leave it in your capable hands.

A: Good. Then we should move on to item 2. Lucardium has been attacked by Tyranids. Apparently they landed in force near the Tau base itself.

C: Aren't there colonists on Lucardium too?

A: Yes, but it appears that commander Longstride has learned from his mistakes on Myrentas and the Tyranid assault was halted at the walls of the Tau base compound. Reports indicate that Tau casualties are light and theTyranid menace was unable to breach the Tau defences.

C: Excellent.

B: So they don't need our help on this one?
***Sound of laughter***

A: No it looks like they have the situation under control. The tyranid hive fleet is still in orbit so the sector commander is sending the newly arrived Tau vessels to intercept them.

C: That will be a decisive action!

A: Indeed! Anyway gentlemen, I'm afraid my time is short. We should briefly cover item 3?

***Murmurs of approval***

A: Good. It appears the eldar have intervened once more.

C: Oh?

B: Yes, they attacked the Iron Warrior defences on the north side of Whiteridge and the damage was severe.

C: This is excellent news! Though rather worrying. Are the eldar helping us or not? Is it the same eldar we have had dealings with before?

A: Unknown. Though reports would incidcate... Not. We must investigate and ascertain their motives, but for now the damage to Whiteridge's fortifications can only be seen as a blessing.

C: I agree. The last item on the agenda?

A: Yes. Our attempts to isolate Ravitane are bearing fruit. Following the fortuitous attacks by the eldar and the slow Imperial response the govenor is threatening to declare a general strike. In addition the system'sproximity to our worlds has made it difficult for the planet to trade with the other members of the Imperium.

C: Especially when that cargo is intercepted by our, "pirates".

***Sounds of laughter***

A: Indeed! Though we must ensure they never find out their true identity. The next stage is to offer Ravitane trade and arms contracts so it can defend itself. We just need to make sure the Blood Martyrs are keptoccupied to prevent their intervention.

C: Excellent. Within a year I see another addition to our federation!

B: Good news gentlemen. Is that all for today?

A: Yes, I wish you all a pleasant week. Until next time...


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