Sunday, September 09, 2007

Campaign note

Incidentally even though Cerberex and Melberg are nominally "map" campaigns - don't be afraid to suggest a themed "operation" - such as airdops, sabotage missions and the like... I can easily fit them in eg:

Sabotage game or "kill team" against a city might make it unable to give supply for a game/length of time...Bombing missions in AI might do the same...

The Tau on Melberg may want to change thier strategy to one of "destroy enemy forces" rather than gain ground... This might mean that instead of planning a map move each victory gives you a number of territories - maybe double the usual but chosen by the loser instead of the victor - representing the retreat to shorten the defences...Or, the game gets no territories but the next game 1) limits the Imperium to 1 territory if they win and 2) doubles the gains of the Tau... If they win.

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