Sunday, September 30, 2007

C.H.E.E.S.E Campaign begins

+++Agent 57 Communication+++
+++Subject: Perseus Deeps Activity+++

The various competing powers of the Sector have begun their forays into the Deeps in search of the Enslaver. It is as I anticipated. the Tau are sending out small scouting groups led by maybe one capital ship, carrying on board a half dozen Hunter Cadres each. Every system they visit they set up a small waystation, no doubt earmarking systems for further colonisation.
The Tau were unfortunate to clash with the newly rejuvenated Sons of Chaos Marines who themselves are roaming the Deeps in search of the artefact of power. Both the forces of El'Shis and Commander Hawkeye, sent out from Cernunnos just this week were in action, in the Skera and Parius systems respectively. Commander Hawkeye's Tau were able to see of the Chaos Marines and spent a considerable time searching the Ancient ruins on the planet's surface. El Shis was less fortunate and both his Cadre and the Chaos Marines withdrew from the Skera system, eying each other warily from a safe distance.

Meanwhile in the far North-East of the Deeps, towards the Valitane subsector, the Penetrators were encountered once more. It seems that wherever there is intrigue and secret goings on this Legion is present. They landed on Vorielle shortly after the Templars Redemptus and were able to remove the Imperial forces before beginning what looked like extensive excavations. I can only assume they too are searching for the Enslaver.

As ever I will continue to monitor the situation closely. Reports from my juniors indicate increasing necron, Dark Eldar and Eldar activity. Indeed it may be the case that the Eldar have already clashed with the Tau which in itself would be an intriguing development. It would seem the Eldar have no wish for any of the races of the Aleph sector to gain access to the terrible power of the C.H.E.E.S.E.

+++Message Ends+++

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