Monday, October 01, 2007

Quicksword killed by Templars Redemptus

On 2909.007M42 the Tau learned that the Blood Martyrs were not the only Space Marines on Melberg. The little known Templars Redemptus chapter were also active on the planet having landed some three days earlier. Unlike the Blood Martyrs they did not discuss their plans nor general strategy as a whole with the Imperium and Lord General Lenord. It appeared that they had their own agenda, so when they chose to strike it came as much as a shock to the Imperium as it did to the Tau.

The first the Tau knew of the attack on their base in Kearnos, in central Gwendel, was the distinctive sound of Thunderhawks roaring overhead. The Templars Redemptus quickly established a perimeter around the Tau base which was packed full of supplies and was the main communications hub of Quicksword's Hunter Cadres. In fact on this day, Quicksword was there in person.

Speculation continues as to the motives behind the attack. The nature of the strike suggests either an attempt to gain valuable intelligence or a surgical assassination attempt on the Tau commander Quicksword. The later would seem more likely though why the Marines would go to such lengths to assassinate the least capable Tau commander is a point of much contention. Some suggest Tau agents gave away Quicksword's position in an attempt to remove him "for the greater good".

In any case the Templars were successful. Striking hard and fast the Marines used the terrain against the aliens, advancing their elite assault units under cover. While the Tau were able to blast away at the Marine vehicles the genetically engineered warriors closed with the Tau with ease. In addition one Hammerhead in particular proved singularly inept, failing to damage the Templar's Predator Destructor tank in a duel which should have been woefully one sided.

The Marines managed to get close to the Tau without taking too many casualties and then charged. The Tau stood no chance and any who were met in hand to hand combat were cut down by the super humans. In a desperate attempt to halt the Marines Quicksword himself charged into the fray, only to be brutally scythed in two by a power fist of the command squad's veteran sergeant.

The Tau were obliged to withdraw to regroup, allowing the Templars enough time to steal valuable information, maps and supplies, loaded into the holds of their Thunderhawks before lifting off, vainly pursued by the Tau air caste's Barracudas. A victory for the Imperium had been achieved and embarrassment caused to the Tau Empire, but not everyone in the Tau fire caste was in mourning for the loss of Quicksword.

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