Tuesday, October 23, 2007

C.H.E.E.S.E. campaign - Key Systems...

SKERA - A New Tau colony?

The Skera system was colonised long ago during the first expansion of humanity. It resides in the Perseus Deeps, far from stable warp lanes and close to strange anomalies in the depths of the dangerous area. Skera has one habitable planet which is very close to Earth in its climate and size, probably du to terraforming. In the distant past the system was lost from the Imperium and its once great cities fell into ruin. Now, during the Tau exapnsion into the Deeps Commander El Shi has found a small medieval level population of humans, nestling close to the ruins of their ancient civilisation.

The Tau have immediately incorporated the planet into their sphere of influence, ruled from Cernunnos. However they have been beset by Eldar and Chaos raids as all races search for the Solar Enslaver. There are clues on the planet as beneath the ground giant and ancient alien caverns signal that once Skera was home to a Necron population. As the Tau excavate these ruins, Eldar and Chaos forces frequently raid from unknown bases in the deep forests of the planet.

Without Melberg, and the subsequent conquest of the Zadoc subsector, the Tau will be hard pressed to expand further into the Deeps, having already added Skera, Manir and Parius to their set of small colonies. With these new bases, Cernunnos is at ful stretch governing, and protecting them, and the existing new colonies of Lucardium and Paratea.

KENDRENEC - Chaos world and location of the trumpet

Kendrenec was once a lush and green world before its collision with an asteroid some 10 millennia ago. The impact was enough to destabilise the planet's orbit, bringing Kendrenec closer to its sun. Ever since the has been a scorched desert, devoid of all life, but still its atmosphere contains oxygen, as it will for a few million more years.

Kendrenec was founded as a penal colony some 300 years ago and soon developed a reputation for harbouring some of the most twisted and evil criminals of the sector. The inmates' lives were usually short and violent, forced to mine the planet for the few minerals it contained. Kendrenec was nonetheless one of the most productive planets per head of population, until two years ago.

Using an uprising by the prisoners to good effect, the Chaos traitor Tragaen (calling himself lord) overthrew the few Adeptus Arbites on the planet and claimed it as his own. The prisoners found themselves no better off than before, and conditions on the planet have deteriorated since the invasion. Lord Tragaen's history can be found elsewhere. The traitor controls a significant fleet and army of plague marines and from Kendrenec has launched several attacks into Imperial territory over the last few years. The planet is considered a major threat and is the source of the warp gate attacks which crippled Aleph 4.

Kendrenec is now too powerful to retake and is a potential launch pad for a black crusade into the sector. However recent abortive assaults by the Iron Warriors and Dark Exterminators have lessened the Chaos threat and reduced the Chaos fleet to a shadow of its former self.

However, the Kel Sandros Eldar have placed the Trumpet, part of the Solar Enslaver, deep within the fortress world's capital, a haven of Chaotic forces and Traitor Marines. Many have left to join the Moonface Catechism, but the city of Kel'Ahir is still heavily guarded and fortified. Only the Eldar know that it also harbours part of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy.

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